DMR Repeater

The 443.0625 N8HEE DMR repeater was first placed on the air in 2015.

It is currently running a Motorola XPR-8400 with 30 watts into a Super Stationmaster at 100 feet.

We are on the Brandmeister DMR Network.

Here are the current talk groups that are static.

   Time Slot   Talk Group       Group Name
1                       3100           USA Nationwide
1                       315             TAC 315
2                       3126           Michigan One
2                       31261         MI-5 Statewide 1
2                       31269         WMTG
2                       2                  Local Talk Group

Last update : May 23 2018


If you would like to listen to the DMR network and don’t have a radio, <Click Here>
( The link works best if viewed in Chrome but will work with other browsers)

If you like nets, then here is a link that lists several DMR nets.  <Click Here>

                       Conservative Coverage Map 

Based on a mobile running 20 watts into a 1/4 wave antenna